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Hair Sticks are Back, Baby! Tidal Hair Sticks Bring Back this 90's Trend

Kathryn Burkhardt

Posted on March 12 2019

Hair Sticks are Back, Baby! Tidal Hair Sticks Bring Back this 90's Trend
Hair sticks are a perfect fit for any style. They can be worn with athleisure wear to a yoga or Barre class. They can be worn to a music festival or to a boho wedding. Moms who simply don't have time to style their hair can use Tidal Hair Sticks to create a cute messy bun or topknot in seconds. Influencers known for their street style will wear them with their designer clothes for a low-maintenance/high maintenance juxtaposition.                                                                                          
Tidal Hair Sticks are also kind to your hair. Unlike their elastic counterparts, they slide right out of your hair when you are done wearing them. Who hasn't dealt with the painful tangle of hair trapped in a scrunchie? Or heard the rip of hair when trying to remove a knot of hair from a elastic band? No more! 
Tidal Hair Sticks are smaller and more elegant than a lot of their 90's ancestors. They are made with lacquered wood that has been carved into a beautiful, upgraded tapered shape and use gemstones like Labradorite and Prehnite to enhance their chic appearance. Yes, some of the 90's sticks were huge, tacky and plastic, but that just means that the design was poor- not the concept! Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe all wore them so they must be awesome!

Just take a look at Tidal Hair Sticks' website, Facebook and Instagram pages. It is proof that the Hair Stick trend resurgence is happening now!


Owner, Tidal Hair Sticks

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