About Me

As a professional artist (www.LakesideMurals.com), I would be embarrassed to confess the number of days I had spent with a pencil or paintbrush in my hair holding up some form of messy bun. That is fine for the studio, but out in public I needed something more elegant- yet suited to my low maintenance style. I needed a stylish solution for the days when time wasn't on my side. A few years ago, I began to make hair sticks for myself and received so many compliments that I started Tidal Hair Sticks (named after my kids Tyler and Dylan.) Each Hair Stick is designed and then carefully created by me in my Virginia studio. ​
No time to style your hair this morning? Didn't even get a chance to shampoo? Grab a Tidal Hair Stick (or two) and you'll have an adorable messy bun or topknot in seconds. No elastics or bobby pins needed. Tidal Hair Sticks are your hair's best friend, too. There are no stress headaches from pulling ponytails and no hair damage since there are no elastic bands needed!
About the Artist