How to Use Hair Sticks: Step by Step Tutorials and Videos

There are many ways to use Hair Sticks, but I have found that the easiest style to start with is a twisted bun.The pictures below show a half-bun or topknot example.
The first step is to grab the section of hair you want to make into a bun or topknot:
How to Use a Hair Stick: Step 1
Then, twist the section of hair all the way to the end. The tighter the twist, the more secure the hair bun will be. This part is especially important for those with very thin or slick hair. People with thicker or coarse hair can be fine with a looser twist.
How to Use Hair Sticks: Part 2
Next, wrap the twisted hair into a bun or topknot. You are welcome to leave the ends poking out for a 90's Monica Geller-style messy bun or wrap it neatly for a more sophisticated look.
How to use a Hair Stick: Part 3
Then, grab a Tidal Hair Stick and insert the stick into one side of the bun and poke it through some hair. 
How to use Hair Sticks: Part 4
Last of all, scoop the stick in the other direction and poke it through the other side of the bun. You can experiment with doing a zig-zag sewing motion on this last step, but it isn't necessary. Your hair bun should feel secure and tight without the pulling pressure of a ponytail.
Also, please be sure to handle your Tidal Hair Stick by the wood base and not the beaded end.
Here are some video tutorials for the twisted bun, french twist (Rachel Green style) and space buns as well: