"The Bachelor" Cassie Randolph (@cassierandolph) YouTube video:

Celebrity Hair Stylist Chris Dylan (@chrisdylanhair): "Obsessed how cute do they look??? Love them!!!"
Celebrity Hairstylist Clay Hawkins (@claytonhawkins): "I'm obsessed! Gonna definitely have to use them on a 90's hair tutorial"
Celebrity Hair Stylist Meg Boes (@mrs_nashville):  "Oh my gosh I love them so much!!!"
Celebrity Hair Stylist Brittany Sullivan (@brittsully): "I LOVE them, I can't wait to use them!"
Celebrity Hair Stylist Reagan Link (@reaganlinkartistry): "My new favorite hair accessories"
Celebrity Hair Stylist Shenise Sheena (@shenisesheena_beauty): "Tidal Hair Sticks keeping my hair cute and out of the way in seconds!"
Actress Leore Hayon (@thegirlhabit):  "Hair Sticks are a great alternative to scrunchies and hair ties. I grew up with my mom always using them and now I love using hair sticks as well."
Actress and host of MG Podcast Maxine Goynes (@maxinegoynes):  "Omgosh- just squealed because I opened all the packages! Tidal Hair Sticks knows the way to our hearts."
Model Avrey Ovard (@avreyovard):  "I cannot wait to wear them!!!"
"The Bachelorette" Katie Thurston (@thekatiethurston): I love them!"
Social Media personality Amanda Pavillard (@amandapavillard): "So beyond beautiful!"
Hairstylist/Educator Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions): "i love these. I have been wearing mine a ton!"
Celebrity Hair Specialist Joseph Michael (@josephmhair): "They all look so gorgeous, cannot pick out which are my favorites."
Hair Artist Nakia Rachon (@nakiarachon) "They are so beautiful"
Actress and model Kerry LaiFatt (@kerrylaifatt): "These are coming with me when I travel! So perfect for a messy bun. The natural stones have a wonderful bohemian feel to them."
"The Bachelor" Genevieve Parisi (@genparisi):  "These are so beautiful."
Celebuzz "Spring Looks You Need":

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March 20, 2020 "Maggie's Must-Haves" on Houston's CW39:

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