Hair Sticks | The Ultimate Hair Accessory for Women Made by a Badass Woman

Abby Heird

Posted on March 12 2019

Hair Sticks | The Ultimate Hair Accessory for Women Made by a Badass Woman

Changing it up on you today with a post from Abby over at MyLifelines (… Because Katie is too humble to write about how cool her and her business are.

I’ve known Katie for 10 years now. Her kids are a bit younger than me so she wasn’t exactly in the “mom” group that my mom was in, but I did look at her and think how cool it was that she had such nice, long hair. Most of the moms I knew embraced the short, "easier to do nothing with in the morning" hair. I get it. I just cut mine off and boy, is it easier to handle.

Little did I know Katie’s long hair found a way to be in her way while she worked and painted. The creative, brilliant woman she is, she decided to start creating hair sticks. Deciding it was the perfect time to bring back this 90’s trend. She not only makes these beautiful sticks and adds cute dangly accessories to them by request but also, shows you just how to wear them. And there are MANY ways to wear them!

She created a line to satisfy every woman fashionista. Thick hair? There are 6in sticks for that. Thin hair (like mine)? You may think you don’t have enough hair to pull it off. But there’s where you are wrong. A small stick, even two, still look amazing! Example of thin hair still looking good…

Thin Hair Wearing Tidal Hair Sticks

And yes, I just complimented myself because self-love.

This hair accessory just makes sense. Pony tails are your go-to. I get it. But they aren’t anything special and, with the limited hair I already have, it really kills me when it pulls on my hair!! With one hair stick, you can pull off an office day, a lazy day, or a night out look. And take that to the next level, with that one hair stick you can pull off all three of those looks in just one day.

Picture it: It’s finally Friday. You threw your hair up in a cute messy bun with the Layla hair stick for the office and got many compliments, obviously. You then went home, put on your comfies and started binge watching Brooklyn nine-nine (my latest obsession). But then, your phone rings and your bestie tells you the guy you think is caaa-uute is going out tonight but you gotta hurry! Well, shoot, your hair already looks perfy. Just touch up that makeup, it’d probably be a good idea to change out of those comfies and then go partay!!

On top of these being the cutest, trendiest hair accessories, this business is also run by a bada** businesswoman. If you didn’t know, my blog (MyLifelines) is all about women empowerment so brands like this give me life. Katie, like most women, is the jack of all trades. She creates these hair sticks, one-by-one while painting for her other business, Lakeside Murals. She moms her two children and, of course, their fur babies, and she wifes, and she does it all with grace. Who wouldn’t want to support this amazing, woman-owned bizzznessss?!

I’m not one to throw around the word perfect (jk, actually I am) but seriously, this business + these sticks = perfection. So, I’m not sure what you are waiting for, but I think you should pick up one or two of these!

My favorite, you ask? DALIAH. Because it’s my favorite color and looks puuurdy good in my haaaair.


If you want to check my blog out (after you’ve purchased your sticks), you can find me at You can also check out our Women Wednesday series on some other wonderful businesswomen. And of course, Katie has her own Women Wednesday post AND a tidal hair sticks post.


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