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Tidal Hair Sticks are designed and handmade for the free-spirited woman who isn't afraid to be herself.  She embraces effortless style... perfection is overrated anyway!  She is undeniably chic with a hint of gypsy mystery.  Friends love her easygoing demeanor and her ability to be ready to hit the town at a moment's notice.

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A woman is shown from the back to showcase her topknot made by a single Tidal Hair Stick.

Why wear Tidal Hair Sticks?

Hair Sticks are becoming the newest hair trend. Let us show you why you should be ditching those elastic bands and scrunchies!

This photo shows the two different size Tidal Hair Stick Options: Standard and Large.

Which size Tidal Hair Stick is right for me?

We can help you decide if the 4 1/2 inch or 6 inch Tidal Hair Stick base will work best for you.

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