• Everleigh Kantner wears our Elodie Tidal Hair Stick.
  • A brunette woman wears a Blake Tidal Hair Stick in her hair bun.
  • 100% July proceeds from our green Czech glass Kaja sticks will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Hair Sticks are the 90's/Y2K Hair Trend You Need to Try!

Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe all wore Hair Sticks (Kelly, Donna, and Brenda, too), so we are bringing it back.

With our handmade (in Virginia) Hair Sticks, you can create easy messy buns with no elastics or bobby pins. And, unlike claw clips and scrunchies, they don't damage your hair or cause tension headaches.

If you can make a hair bun, Hair Sticks WILL work in your hair!

There is a trick to secure a Hair Stick- you can't just poke the stick straight through. Check out our TUTORIALS to see for yourself!

Welcome to the World of Perfectly Imperfect Hair

Tidal Hair Sticks are designed and handmade for the free-spirited woman who isn't afraid to be herself. 

She embraces effortless style... perfection is overrated anyway! 

Friends love her easygoing demeanor and her ability to be ready to hit the town at a moment's notice.

Worried about cultural appropriation?

We like to tackle issues head-on. Be assured that Tidal Hair Sticks are straight hair pins- they are not chopsticks. You should never wear another culture's harmful stereotype as a costume or stick anything you would eat with in your hair. Read more HERE.

Five different styles of Tidal Hair Sticks

Handmade from natural stones and unique beads.

Paired with a black lacquered hardwood base, these designs add a hint of 90's flair to your style.

Blonde woman wearing two Tidal Hair Sticks in her low bun.

Get style in seconds.

Just one hair stick will give you a hair bun or topknot in seconds. No time to shampoo today? These will be your saving grace!

Thin, slick hair problems?

Even if ponytails and barrettes slip out of your hair (me!), Tidal Hair Sticks will work for you. If you can make a hair bun, you can use hair sticks.

Lifestyle Blog

Michelle Randoph wears her Kat Tidal Hair Stick

Why wear Tidal Hair Sticks?

More and more people are discovering the beauty and ease of Hair Sticks. Let us show you why you should be ditching those claw clips and scrunchies!

The standard and large sizes of our Charlotte Tidal Hair Sticks

Which size Tidal Hair Stick is right for me?

We can help you decide if the 4 1/2 inch or 6 inch Tidal Hair Stick base will work best for you.

Actress Kerry LaiFatt wears a Tidal Hair Stick to hold up her topknot hairstyle.

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