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Tidal Hair Sticks: Does Size Matter? Choosing the Right Size Hair Sticks

Kathryn Burkhardt

Posted on March 12 2019

Tidal Hair Sticks: Does Size Matter? Choosing the Right Size Hair Sticks

Are you unsure which size Tidal Hair Stick is best for your hair type? You may look at the standard stick with its 4 1/2 inch base and think that it is too small to possibly work!  In some cases that is true, but most people surprise themselves when they see the power of the smaller stick. Also, keep in mind that the 4 1/2 inch base becomes about 6 inches once all the beads are added.

Citrine Hair Stick sizes

I have long hair but on the thin side (and very slick so things like barrettes and ponytails always slide right out), so the smaller stick works for everything. I like how subtle it is with very little end poking out of my hairstyle. If you have extra long hair or SUPER thick hair, though, you may want to order the longer size.

Here is a customer with mid-length thick wavy hair using the 4 1/2 inch size for a half bun style and it works perfectly:

Half Bun Thick Hair

Plus, if you have very thick hair and want to use two Tidal Hair Sticks in your hair bun, then the standard size should be fine for that too!

Thick Hair Bun Using Two Tidal Hair Sticks

So it really comes down to the thickness of your hair BUT also what styles you think you are going to be creating. 

Hope this helps!


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