How to Use Hair Sticks

There are many ways to use Hair Sticks, but the easiest style is a twisted bun.

Hair Stick How To Part 1


Make a section of hair into a coil.

The first step is to grab the section of hair you want to make into a bun or topknot. Then, twist the section of hair all the way to the end. The tighter the twist, the more secure the hair bun will be. This part is especially important for those with very thin or slick hair. People with thicker or coarse hair can be fine with a looser twist.
Hair Stick How To Part 2


Wrap hair into a bun

Next, wrap the twisted hair into a bun or topknot. You are welcome to leave the ends poking out for a 90's Monica Geller-style messy bun or wrap it neatly for a more sophisticated look.
Hair Stick How To Part 3


Go through one side

THE TRICK to securing a hair stick:  insert the stick into one side of the bun and poke it through some hair. If you are right handed, poke the stick through the right edge of the hair bun like in the photo above. Please be sure to handle your Tidal Hair Stick by the wood base and not the beaded end.
Hair Stick How To Part 4


Turn stick the other way

Last of all, scoop/flip the stick in the other direction and poke it through the other side of the bun. You can experiment with doing a zig-zag sewing motion on this last step, but it isn't necessary. Your hair bun should feel secure and tight without the pulling pressure of a ponytail.

If you can get your hair into a bun, Hair Sticks will work for you.

Learn the trick to make your hair bun completely secure with just one Tidal Hair Stick. You won't need any elastic bands or pins!


Half-up Tutorial from Mane Addicts

The amazingly talented Sienree from Mane Addicts created this half-up tutorial using our Tidal Hair Sticks.  She shows that you can use an elastic band if you choose, but it isnt necessary.

Or try...

Space Buns

Emily Jacob (@emilysnips) has a great tutorial using two Tidal Hair Sticks. It even works for shorter hair! If you can twist your hair in a bun, you can use Tidal Hair Sticks.