Flashback to late 90's Hair Stick styles

Kathryn Burkhardt

Posted on January 10 2020

Jennifer Garner wears hair sticks in movie

Late 90's Hair Stick Styles

Flashback to the fashion world of the late 1990's: crop tops, slip dresses, Dr. Martens, and hair sticks all ruled the scene. 

Need proof? Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe all wore hair sticks on FRIENDS!

Phoebe Buffet wears Hair Sticks in late 90's Friends TV show

Our company, Tidal Hair Sticks, was not around back then, so we cannot take credit for attractive hair stick styles (see Phoebe Buffet, above) and certainly will not take credit for the huge, tacky ones (see Hilary Duff, below).

Hilary Duff wearing hair sticks chopsticks in her messy bun circa 2000

This just proves that the design was poor- not the concept.

What do you think of Jennifer Garner's hair in the movie "13 Going on 30"? 

Jennifer Garner wears Hair Stick Chopsticks in the movie 13 Going on 30
I have mixed emotions about this look mainly due to the fact those sticks are so darn long. Otherwise, she looks amazing!
Even Beyonce in her Destiny's Child Days was known to rock the hair stick look:
Beyonce circa 1999 wears a hair stick bun
Not sure about the bindi, but that was a 90's look, too.
Jessica Biel wore a laid-back bun with a Hair Stick. In fact, this may be a pencil which makes it even more laid-back than I thought!
Jessica Biel wears a hair stick in her messy bun
Please don't try this at home. Pencils are not hair friendly- ouch!
Unfortunately, since 1999 was pre-Instagram, so many great celeb shots are lost to history. Can't wait to see what happens this time around!

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