90's Hair Styles: FRIENDS TV Edition.

Kathryn Burkhardt

Posted on January 01 2020

90's Hair Styles: FRIENDS TV Edition.

Want to see some of the gorgeous 90's hairstyles from FRIENDS? Hair Sticks are an amazing accessory that gives you that coveted undone look in seconds with no hair damage. Toss your scrunchies and try Hair Sticks instead! 

Rachel Green wears Hair Sticks French Twist Style.This was one of my favorite Rachel Green outfits of all time, too!

Monica Geller wears Hair Sticks on Friends TV show

Monica Geller wore Hair Sticks in many episodes particularly in Season 5.

Phoebe Buffet wears Hair Sticks in Friends TV episode

Phoebe Buffet wore Hair Sticks in a few episodes as well. She rocked that undone 90's hair!

Reese Witherspoon, as Jill Green on Friends TV, wearing Hair Sticks

Even guest star, Reese Witherspoon wore a hair stick bun for her character Jill Green. Check out this scene:



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