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Andromeda Tidal Hair Sticks


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Hunting for some new hair bling? This stunning stick has an oval blue goldstone bead that glimmers with lavender and blue sparkles.  The smaller bead is a sparkly crystal rondelle. Photos just can't do Andromeda justice!

Although goldstone is man-made, it does contain copper, which in itself is a good conductor of energy and may increase ones blood flow. Blue goldstone is the gemstone of wisdom and science, helping us remember the light within the darkness, showing us to reach for the stars.

Price is for a single Tidal Hair Stick.

The standard base is a 4 1/2 inch black lacquered wood with a unique tapered shape, but a 6 inch base is available at no additional cost. Most customers prefer to use the smaller 4 1/2 inch base, but you may want to go for the larger 6 inch size if your hair is extremely thick or very long. Reminder: after beads are added to the 4 1/2 inch base, the Hair Stick is around 5 1/2 to 6 inches total. Click HERE to read more about sizes.

Please handle your Tidal Hair Stick by the wood base and not the beaded end.

Tidal Hair Sticks are the must-have hair accessory of the year. Have gorgeous hair updos, topknots in seconds with no hair damage. Handmade in Richmond, VA



Brunette woman wearing one Luna Tidal Hair Stick

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